Wintergrave was formed in the early winter of 2006 when Niklas, Jonas and Truls wanted to form a black metal band just for fun. ut it turned out to be more serious than they expected so they got Frederik on vocals and Jan Fredrik on bass to fulfill a complete line-up for the band. In the peroid 06/07 they worked together making new songs and creating a good chemistry within the band. In January 2008 they recorded their first demo called Results of Humanity which contained 6 songs. They played many gigs at various venues and festivals this year, worth to mention was the Motstøy festival in Notodden where they shared stage with bands like Satyricon, Gorgoroth, and Finntroll.

In March 2009, Wintergrave went back in the studio to record a new EP. (the one you are holding in your hands right now) This time they wanted a more professional sound to their music so they choose the lengendary Studio Fredman in Sweden as their hideout for ten days. Working with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd was a great experience for the band. By working with bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, In Flames and Arch Enemy proves that these two guys are in the elite when it comes to delivering a killer production! Wintergrave decided to master the EP at Tailor Maid production in Sweden by Peter In de Betou, who have also worked with many other great bands and artists.

In May 2009, Wintergrave won a battle of the bands competition called “Rockekampen” where twelve bands were competing in the final. The grand pize was 10.000 Norwegian Kroner and some gigs at various festivals around the country...